The Tools of a Schattenjäger

The Talisman

The Talisman is the reservoir from which the Schattenjägers draw their power. Stolen from Günter Ritter by the Voodoo priestess Tetelo during the 1790 slave revolt in Charleston, it was housed for many centuries within the sacrifical shrine of her tribe. Meanwhile, the Schattenjägers, stripped of their power, suffered from financial troubles and horrible nightmares. However, in 1993, the last German Schattenjäger--Wolfgang Ritter--learned of the existence of his great-nephew, Gabriel Knight. Together, they tracked the Talisman to Africa, where Wolfgang gave up his life to restore it to Ritter hands.

The Dagger
The Ritter Dagger is an ancient, hand-worked artifact, used by the Ritter family for centuries in their six-part Initiation Ceremony.

The Assisstant

Not much has been written about the assisstants to past Schattenjägers. Will do more research (especially in the area of a biography of Grace) and get back to you.


The new Schattenjäger computer, featured prominantly in GK3. A wealth of information, with analysis capabilities (at least according to preliminary rumours).

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