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Part I
The Seeker must begin the purification ceremony by washing his hands.

Part II
The Seeker must forego vanity and cut his hair.

Part III
The Seeker must fill an empty vessel with salt, as he must fill himself with humility.

Part IV
The Seeker must mix his own blood with the salt.

Part V
The Seeker must kneel before Sankt Georg, the patron saint of the Schattenjägers.

Part VI
The Seeker must recite the ceremonial prayer to Sankt Georg.

Saint George, patron of the light,
Who hunts the shadows of the night
Upon my blood, I call thee know,
Purify me, for I avow
To set my feet upon thy road;
Thy sword, I take up for mine own.

Even now, the Seeker's trial is not over--to truly earn the title 'Schattenjäger', he must fulfill three 'Quests', three tests of his faith and conviction. The nature of these tasks differs for each Schattenjäger, and may even take the rest of his life to complete.

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